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Americans United, South Sound Chapter
Our Issues
There are eight signature issues that are of primary concern to Americans United. Clicking on the "Learn More" links will take you to the corresponding page on Americans United for Separation of Church and State national website.
  1. Church Politicking

    As tax-exempt entities, houses of worship may not intervene in partisan politics by endorsing or opposing candidates. Pulpit-based electioneering not only violates federal law, many believe it corrupts the true mission of our faith communities. Learn More »

  2. Defending The Courts

    Federal courts are often our last line of defense to protect our constitutional rights. Federal judges should respect our Constitution and appreciate the important role that church-state separation has played in safeguarding religious liberty. Learn More »

  3. “Faith-Based” Initiatives

    The so-called “faith-based” initiative is a euphemism for taxpayer-supported religion. The initiative funnels taxpayer dollars to religious social service providers without adequate safeguards to prevent proselytism. In addition, these groups seek to discriminate in hiring based on religion even though their programs are publicly funded. Learn More »

  4. Freedom Of Religion

    The right to practice your chosen faith is cherished by the American people. A division between church and state ensures this right by freeing religion from obtrusive government interference. Government must show a compelling interest before restricting religious exercise. Learn More »

  5. Government-Sponsored Religion

    The Constitution bars government from meddling in religion. Government should be neutral on theological matters and not seek to sponsor, promote or further faith. Learn More »

  6. Marriage And Sexuality

    Religious groups take widely varying stands on issues such as marriage and human sexuality. It is imperative that the government respects American diversity by not imposing one tradition’s narrow view of marriage and sexuality on the entire country. Learn More »

  7. Religion In Public Schools

    Public schools serve children from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds. The classroom is an inappropriate place for school-sponsored worship. School officials should not prescribe prayers or teach religious doctrines, such as creationism, in the classroom. Learn More »

  8. Religious School Vouchers

    Americans have the right to support only the religious groups of their choosing. Vouchers and other forms of government aid to religious schools usurp this privilege by forcing all taxpayers to subsidize indoctrination. Religious organizations are free to sponsor schools, but they should be responsible for their upkeep. Learn More »